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E-commerce Shop Development

E-commerce Shop Development

We design interfaces based on eCommerce research, data analysis and testing. The client will be able to find and order the product in 2 clicks.

Over 11 years of website development, more than 300 Russian and foreign companies have become clients of the company. Among them are Kitgof, Eriant, Samsung and Macrosoft. Adaptive design, a well-thought-out feedback system, impressive functionality and a convenient admin panel - everything you need to get started!

Our online stores integrate with 1C: Enterprise, Yandex.Market, e-commerce services from Yandex and Google. Unloading goods is fully automated, so you don't have to do it manually. 91% of information received through the eyes does not reach the brain. It is important to make the most of the remaining 9%. Meaningful headings, expressive blocks, contrasting images with harmonious colors, readable fonts, numbers on graphs and diagrams. This approach increases conversion up to 40%.

Your project will be managed by a separate manager who is passionate about work and sleeps 1 hour a day. Write to him at 3 am on Instagram, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Vkontakte, and he will help and answer your question. There is probably no business sector for which we have not made websites. Construction companies, education, trade, information business, show industry and tourism, manufacturing and services... Just ask us for a portfolio!

We use modern technologies

Our sites are responsive, load quickly and display perfectly on any device - phones, tablets, desktops and even on retina Mac devices.

We can tell you a lot about how processes work in our company. The fact that a team of at least 5 people works on each project: designer, art director, developer, manager and marketer. About the fact that when planning we use scrum methods and a kanban board, and we severely punish for failure to meet deadlines. We can, but we won’t: your site will simply launch on time.

Individual design

We define the concept and choose the design style. We agree and make changes until the final result. The designer creates a layout and sends it for layout.

Content management system

We make websites on 1C-Bitrix - the most popular, powerful, domestic CMS. Thanks to 1C-Bitrix, you do not need special skills to work with the site: edit information about the company, portfolio, content and other important elements yourself.

Hosting and domain

We park the site on the hosting of your choice or offer our proven options - for example, Reddock. Reliable hosting, suitable for corporate websites, personal blogs and promotional pages.

Free technical support

Throughout the year, we provide consultations and answer questions related to the operation of our website and help resolve difficulties.

1C-Bitrix is the most popular management system in Russia with a ready-made set of marketing and e-commerce tools. You don't have to contact web developers every time you want to add an item to the catalog menu, change the design of a block on a page, or configure the display of banners.

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