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Packaging design at Midjourney


Prompt template: Package Design [объект/продукт], [описание сцены], [ракурс], [фокус], [свет], [момент дня], shot with [камера],  by Jonathan Ive


1. Package Design of A sophisticated packaging for a premium coffee blend, mimicking a quaint Italian cafe with aromatic scratch-n-sniff areas, Straight Angle, Soft Focus, Warm Lighting creating a cozy ambiance, Overcast Morning, shot with Phase One XF IQ4, by Jonathan Ive

2. Package Design of A captivating packaging for a set of aromatherapy oils, mimicking a serene spa with water features, Straight Angle, Selective Focus, Soft Lighting creating a tranquil mood, Overcast Afternoon, shot with Canon EOS R5, by Jonathan Ive

3. Package Design of A minimalistic, recyclable packaging for a brand of organic skincare, embodying purity with its white and green palette, Top-Down Angle, Sharp Focus, High Key Lighting for a clean look, Clear Sky Morning, shot with Sony A7R IV,  by Jonathan Ive

4. Package Design of A sleek, modern packaging for a high-end smartwatch, resembling a miniature futuristic cityscape, Top-Down Angle, Sharp Focus, Studio Lighting highlighting the metallic accents, Clear Sky Midday, shot with Phase One XF IQ4,  by Jonathan Ive

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